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Traditional Livestock Production and Breeding has been a major preoccupation of over 25 million people in Africa. The dominant system of production is pastoralism where livestock depend on natural grasslands and water. This system of traditional stockbreeding necessitates its practitioners to move from one place to another because of the variable environmental conditions from one season to another. Thus, traditional stockbreeders engage in seasonal movements, often crossing regional and international boundaries.


The promotion of traditional animal husbandry and conditions for its evolution for greater productivity, in view of diminishing natural resources, land management and proper utilization, conflict management and resolution mechanism etc in the Sahelian and Sudanese region.


This is intended to serve as a veritable structure to coordinate the activities of the organizations of traditional stockbreeders who share common concerns and interests in the region. By this development, all member organizations and nations are called upon to use their good offices to support this initiative both within Nigeria and beyond in recognition of their influence on the policies and programmes that are being pursued by regional and sub-regional organizations including the African Union, the African Development Bank, the Africa Business Forum and ECOWAS among others.


The recent formation of transnational organizations such as African Union (A.U.), Africa Business Forum, ECOWAS and Africa Round Table have galvanized various stakeholders in Africa and indeed the Sahelian and Sudanese region to come together and mutually face the various challenges before them. It is in this spirit that the various Stockbreeders associations in the region have agreed to form an apex body, the Confederation of Traditional Stockbreeders Organization (CORET).

Social engagement

Regeneration of commendable traditional values of stockbreeders including their language, modesty, austerity, perseverance etc in the region

Market opportunities

To organize and mobilize traditional stockbreeders to adopt measures to advance their interest and the welfare of their stocks in the face of ecological and socio-economic changes

Help & Support

Provision of mutual support amongst stockbreeders to improve viability and profitability of stockbreeding

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